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Originally Posted by CLARK LAWN View Post
i had someone stealing gas from out at my shop, right out of the trucks. i took an old gas can and put about a gallon of gasand 3 gallons of water in it and left it sit in the bed of a truck over the weekend come monday it was gone and i see the neighbor about 3 houses up getting his car towed away. dont know if it was him or not for sure but it stopped after that
Great minds think alike. I was living in an apartment complex and used to keep gas cans in the back of my pickup. I noticed someone was stealing gas from them. I took the rest out and filled one with 5 gallons of water with a little gas on top. Next morning the can was empty. On the road leading out of the complex one of the neighbors cars was broken down. I stopped and asked what the problem was, he said it had just died. I said I bet you have water in the gas and just laughed.
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