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Originally Posted by The Toro Company View Post
yardguy28 -

The roller stripe kit (114-3521)is an existing accessory. It is presently on backorder, but new inventory is scheduled to arrive within the next two weeks. Please have your dealer place a parts order for this kit and you should have it shortly.

-The Toro Company
as i was looking at my grandstand today while changing the oil and doing maintenance i noticed a center piece of metal behind the deck of the mower.

i am now concerned that the stripe roller does have the room needed to be installed behind the deck. there is no way anything can run behind the deck from left to right. there is that piece of metal on each side behind the middle of the deck.

is the roller stripe kit purhaps for the new 2010 models? my grandstand is a 2009 model.

i have yet to receive the kit. it is still on back order so maybe it will work out. it's just looking underneath the mower and knowing how my old exmark stripe kit was installed i don't see how this will work. but maybe that is now where this kit will be installed. i have no idea. i have yet to see a grandstand with a stripe kit.

oh and by the way ignore that guy above me. i think toro is doing a great job with both customer service and producing quality equipment.
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