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Originally Posted by Lazer Cut View Post
you referring to me yardguy?? Toro can differ from one to the next. I have been pming with toro. I think their mowers are great but if they say they're gonna release it in x don't release it in y. I never said anything about the quality of the equipment being bad.

Bite me yard guy if you're referring to me. If not disregard my statement
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ok i guess i'll bite you because i was referring to you but it wasn't ment to be disrespectfull or i wasn't trying to be a jerk.

just saying your comment isn't shared by everyone. i happen to think toro is doing a great job all the way around.

i never said you had a problem with there quality. i was just praising a company that does excellent work in general.

yes i know it sucks the kits are on backorder but there's not much that can be done about it. i wanted to get mine before the season starts but i'm not sure thats gonna happen. i called my dealer today and he's suppose to be checking. but now after doing the maintenance on my grandstand i'm not sure how it's gonna work if they plan on mounting it behind the deck like exmark's are. i have something that hangs down from where the hydrolic motors sit and it's pretty much behind the mower deck. so when your looking that back of the mower deck you can't see light all the way though. you see some metal in the middle. is yours like this???
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