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Originally Posted by Lazer Cut View Post
I was expressing my opinion you expressed yours, no need to say ignore me. That's the problem with big companies ignoring the little guys.

If you look at my picture thread you can see where I made a mudflap stripe kit. It has two pieces of metal about 16 inches apart that I had to make notches in the mud flap for it to work if that's what you're referring to then yes. But no big piece in the middle of the deck no
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sorry i wasn't trying to be a jerk.

i'm far from one of the big companies. just a solo guy out there doing his thing.

i think thats what i'm referring to yes. i just know the come down from where the hydro motors sit. but they are pratically behind the mower deck itself. i see no space for a rollor bar to sit behind the deck. those plates are in the way.
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