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Originally Posted by Lazer Cut View Post
Haha thanks for the compliments. I sold a few different things and ill get my pictures out here soon. I went to a 6x12 now. My grandstand is my operation. I clean that thing just about every weekend. I washed, waxed... yes waxed it and put tire shine on it for the winter... got it out this past weekend and waxed... the colors on mowers fade quick sometimes and id like mine to look good for my sake and the customers. Id like a mower that has 1200 hours but looks like gently used 200 hours.

That stripe kit I hope works for the 09's... ill be aggitated if they don't.

You said you're solo too?
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yep i'm solo.

i run a 6' x 12' enclosed trailer with a 36" metro, 52" grandstand and a 21 incher. stihl equipment for the trimmer, edger, blower.

i've never been into cleaning up the equipment all that much. i keep the deck clean underneath but thats really about it. someone once told me you might have dirtiest equipment but it runs the best. all that water can mess up bearrings and spindles, or so i've heard anyway. i've never had trouble with either but then again my mowers are lucky if they see a bath once a season.

i actually hosed my off today with the garden hose because i was changing the oil for the first time and got some oil on the deck so i hosed both the 52" and 36" off. they don't really look any better. the dirt needs to be scrubbed off.

yeah i'll be a little aggitated if the kit doesn't work for the 09's. i can't remember if i mentioned that to toro when i was fishing for the part number on here or not. might of just told them it was a 52" grandstand. i'll look closer next time and see if i can't get some pics of what i'm talking about thats underneath. i just know right now it looks like theres no room for a rollor bar but we'll see when the kit comes in and i go to install it or have my dealer put it on.
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