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Some people prefer to set up a reel using 2 sheets of paper and having the reel cut only one of them, I used this method on my reels and really didn't care for the cut.
I used feeler gauges on my JD 2653 tri plex per the manual, but still prefer to just use a sheet of paper and if it cuts it, it is set.
This is what I do on my Locke as well, I've owned Tru Cuts, Legacy which is a Cal Trimmer and the Locke, for Bermuda they all cut very good, I prefer the Locke because you can take loose the link and have the head float over un even yards, Bermuda looks best cut at .50" to .75 inches, the turf is nice and tight and it forces the Bermuda to grow out than up.
If you prefer the stripe look, cut it at 1" to 1.25"
All 3 above don't cut Emerald very good, let me explain, it cuts it fine, however you CAN NOT keep a straight line! The Emerald is so thick the reel doesn't touch dirt and it slides all over the place. Now on Bermuda the reel will touch dirt and you will get a perfect straight line.
When I use my Walker on the Emerald it also likes to slide over the turf.
I use a JD Greensmower tri plex and love the cut.
What ever you do, I recommend top dressing your lawn, I use river sand, but its best to use Erth Food along with the sand or some top soil to really amend the soil. There's plenty of Treads on it, plenty of good info fro AZ.
That's my 2 cents worth.
Spring is here finally and the Emerald is beginning to green up!
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