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Originally Posted by Graveslawncare View Post
Ok, here is the deal: I have a customer that has 4 dogs and they have torn up her back yard. She wants to have dirt hauled in, and then hire me to spread/level/seed it. I'm definitely going to use a skid steer for the project. Probably going to rent one from Sunbelt.

My Question is, do I need some kind of license to be able to use this equipment for the job? A friend of mine told me that I would have to have a license, but when I looked on Sunbelt's website, I didn't find anything that said that. I also searched google and couldn't find anything difinitive at all. Is there anyone who operates skid steers in TN and can answer my question? Thanks!
I have rented bobcats before, and you do not need any sort of license. I would just be sure to call and get the water lines and electric lines etc etc marked before you do any excavation. To answer your question, no you do not need any sort of license to operate a bobcat in TN.
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