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wow, you guys are constructive. Ok, here is what I did. Find some people that you know, mostly older people. Use there mower. I had a old lady that I worked for. I spent 5 hours a week mowing her lawn, trimming, and messing with flowers. Just say I will work for you for minimum wage, which is better than working for someone else because you won't have taxes if they pay you cash. I don't rake dead grass. Personally I think its a little hard on the lawn, but I rake leaves twigs, and nuts. If you do that, then make it a couple of dollars more than minimum wage because its hard work. I am turning 19 now and I will have 2 ztr's in another month. 42 inch toro and 61 inch Diesel woods. I started where you are at like 14.

and no loans. Bad idea
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