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I have thought of a loan, but I do not want to take one out. When I start a business I want to have no debt and use all my own money. I want to do this more of part time, in the summer I work with my dad, he's a carpenter, and I make enough money. But I need more money right now so I can make enough money, with another business, for a vehicle by the time I'm 16. This will just be a way for me to make money on the side, and with this I can call all my own hours and stuff, where as with a job I'd need to go ask my boss for time of, and if I didn't get that time off I'd have to quit. Which is the main reason why I am not getting a job, because I can't be tied down. I'll be away a lot in the summer.

The other reason why I'm doing this is because I want the business experience. Especially since I plan on starting other ones once I have more money. I realize that every business has operating expenses, but I can make some money doing this without too much operating expenses. And investment of $200 is a lot less than an investment of say $10,000 for start up.

And actually I think I'll be buying a new lawnmower anyways, like I said I only have about $200 of money I can spend. So It'll be a crappy mower, but better than what I have right now. Right now I can't cut my own lawn without have to life the front p so that the rpm can go back up.

So far everyone's said why my idea is terrible, but no one has answered my questions. It'd be wonderful if somebody could answer my questions for me. But either way I'm going to do this. I NEED the money, and I don't want to under charge all my customers.

Although in Alberta, snow removal is better for getting money, considering our winter this year lasted around 5 1/2 months. If people came here now they'd probably think it's still winter, you can still see your breath sometimes. I am doing the lawn care business also so that I can have clients for the winter time, and not have to start all over in the winter.

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