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well we had to retire the 'ol Lesco. The more Nick (NMS0219) and I tore into it, the obvious lack of maintenance by the previous owners really showed as it became obvious the thing wasn't cleaned very well and it was really overheated at one point. Burnt oil all over the head, some REALLY excessive play in one of the valves, and a lot of really fine heat cracks developing in the head lead me to decide to throw in the towel with it and retire it. Although I was planning to buy a new mower this year, now was NOT that time. I'm working a deal right now to pick up a Bunton 48" with 300 hrs on it (yes it really only has 300 hours on it) for around $400 and that will get me through easily til June or July when I will have more money to buy what I want new. I hate to finance something right now and I also hate to just go buy a mower because I need a mower when in the end it probably wont be what I really want anyway. Kinda pissed I just bought all those parts for the Lesco though. Oh well, cost of doing business I suppose.
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