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Hutler OR Exmark Or Dixie

i am just starting out and i have a 2008 hustler z 60 deck and for the lawns i am doing it great for some but to big for others. I am doing some 1 acre and then some small single fam homes in south Florida and the smaller yards have a lot of change in them so its either leaves a few grass blades behind or it scalps. need ur help on whether to go to a 48 Z4 Hustler that being a shorter deck but would i be lacking in the guts and beefier machine or step up to the Hustler 54 super Z which has bigger pumps and the whole bit but it being only 6 inches smaller than the mower i am trying to get rid of not a big enough decrease in deck. Or do i go with the "new Exmark" with there new pump system and the whole bite it would be a 48 or 52 lazer Z or do i go dixie classic 50 .... all said and done i am leaning toward the 48 Z4 hustler but don't want to be throwing money away. let hear for yall
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