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what i would do is take a 20x20' size square and estimate how long it would take to complete a certain task in that area, I.E. leaf removal, cutting grass, edging, trimming, etc. then try to apply it to the big picture. honestly you should be factoring in time, overhead like gas, help, travel, among other things. pricing a property is not an exact science nor is there a formula for it. you have to mess up a few times in order to learn the right way. one day you may charge $50 to cut an acre and end up spending 1.5 hours picing up debris so u dont run over it with your mower. the next time you may charge 75 and get done in 30 minutes. you will find your medium but dont be afraid to mess a few up in the first couple times. consider your losses payment for the education and experience your receiving in return.
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