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I would suggest starting with smaller lots, like 1/4 acres and the like, you can
probably take on most lots UP to an acre in size, and start learning how to
estimate the size of a piece of turf by eyeball.

You'll make some mistakes, no doubt about that, I never said it was easy but believe me when I say
that is the best way, yes it takes time and practice but once you get that down good, they can't touch you.

No taking pictures to ask the guys on LS and hope some smartass doesn't trip you up,
no walking around with a stupid measuring wheel, no having to ask the customer or having
the customer volunteer the information and wondering if it's true.

Nothing, absolutely nothing beats experienced eyeballing on the size of a property, be it a piece of turf,
a bed of mulch, so long you can look at it and tell me the size just because you learned it that way,
get some years down the road and I guarantee few will outbid you.

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