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Originally Posted by Turf Tech View Post
There arent alot of options for landscapers that I have found. You have the Earth and Turf sp100, Ecolawn and R&R topdresser. I have tried the Earth and Turf and the Ecolawn. I bought the Ecolawn. I considered the R&R unit but didnt get to test it and was a little worried about different materials not going thru it. The Ecolawn spreads just about everything that I have put in it so far. I think it is expensive for such a simple machine. There just isnt alot to choose from for now.

I have a few designs in mind to build a simple machine that has a price point of less than 3k that is self propelled and spreads a wide assortment of materials. I plan on building it over the next few months and see if my design works as I envisioned.
Cool, please keep us posted. I think the Ecolawn is a touch overpriced. Even used form the gentleman himself is just a few dollars off, maybe 10%?
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