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261T and 260 carb problems

I do have 5 of these carbs. 2 line trimmers, 2 edgers, 1 pole hedge trimmer, and one of my pb 620 started prblems, quickly straitened that carb. Bought new late 05, then the doubles, early 06. Impressed with power vs weight, and strait shaft and the torque. They got me good in summer 07 ver fustrating. In and out of shop, never got solved. So I just WOT, and choke off/on repetively for literally minutes, if started, otherwise they bog and shut down. When cold, good to go, after 10am did my little trick, it helped. After 2pm was very fustrating, so I alternated them (which helped). Convinced from the shop, the heat in the enclosed trailer in Central Florida, was the problem. Had to work, so I delt with it. I was told there is not an upgrade/adaptions for this style. They're warriors with the strait shaft, and gear head. The heat is back, and I really like them, so not wanting to buy a different make or model. I done toro's and echo's for 12 years now. I'm not a bandwagon person, so I'm looking for a suggestion that may have been overlooked, or even something homemade, since warranty isn't around. If any one has a cure or idea, throw it at me. Feel free for suggestions, with other problems you may have with toro or echo, I have done other tweeks that may be helpful to you. I'm late to this site, just found it today (very helpful/impressed of this site). My email address should be tagged, I'll take in all info, and willing to try and improve this situation.
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