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Originally Posted by WildWest View Post
Well, sorta, you have to remove the grey plactic cover thats over the muffler...then the 2 or 3 screws that are on the exhaust port (if you shine a flashlight right where the exhaust comes out, you can see the screen), that's where the screen is. Toss it!
Some of the issues can be from the carbon buildup at the exhaust port too.

If it runs when it's cold, then starts to bog when it's hot, it's because the exhaust can't escape the engine.

Pull your muffler off so you can see the exhaust port all the way to the cylinder.

I used to just throw these trimmers away every year (2-3) because the guys said they would quit working.

Two winters ago I dug into one after reading posts on here.

I found that the biggest problem on ALL of them was the carbon buildup. I scraped the buildup out of the exhaust port, making sure that the piston was all the way up to keep carbon from going into the cylinder.

They ALL ran just like new.

I ended up making a killing on used trimmers that spring, selling each of them for $150 each on CL.
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