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Can we put this as a sticky????


So when you say you hate Echo, or Redmax or any other brand because they have bad sound like a fool........

They are made by Walbro or Zama for the most part and they have model numbers for the carbs...........which are used by any and all manufacturers!!!!

To add to the post......the 261 model is a C.A.R.B. model.....which is typically sold in california. Being you are in florida.......did you buy it at a dealer?

There was a line of K series carbs on the 260 power heads about 5 years back that had no adjustments. Replacement carbs for those had adjustments. Otherwise, all their carbs on all their products, with exception of some units sold in California......were adjustable.

Maybe the issue is not the carburetor. Everyone is so quick to over look other issues and assume it's carburation and start turning the screws to compensate (usually compromising the engine)......because you have a faulty ignition module, or an seal or gasket leak......

If you have a unit that has constant carb adjusting's not the carb. Crank case needs to be pressure and vac tested for leaks....... Turning the screws on the carb without using a tach is only going to lead to rich or lean running.....because you CAN NOT adjust it correctly with just your ears.

Good Luck!!!
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