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They are a sealcoat manufactore out of Ohio. They make excellent stuff for a reasonable price. Better equipment than say Sealmaster for a better price. My experience atleast. You can call them and quiz them all you want. Sealmaster is good to. just seam to be more expensive.

Bucketing is ok if your a weekend warrior but buying an already setup rig will increase your production sooooooooooo much it will make you cry for ever bucketing. If your only doing driveways, 325 is fine. Parking lots, you would be better off going with a 500 or 550. A small parking lot in the morning can eat up all your sealer then you have to go and mix up more or buy more. 500 gallon, you can do that small lot, then do 2 driveways that afternoon.

Next time you see a sealcoating crew on a parking lot, stop and watch and take notes. They can sling the sealer and not get a dime on a car, building, curbing etc.

Buckets are the enemy not spraying haha. But you need agitated tanks, compressed air delivery, and good spary technique.
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