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Originally Posted by clean_cut View Post
o.k. Sad to hear that it's not commercial, so it's still a good deal though? Yes if good condition, check it out for cleanliness, dents/sratches, air filter, cables/starter/throttle, etc. It should idle properly on low speed. Check on how the clutch experience with these is that clutch doesn't engage at low speed, usually in middle. it doesn't look all beat up though. It looks like a lot higher quality than a lot of the mowers these days. Honda makes good quality mowers and their resi mowers have a lot of nice features that most others do not. but you pay a lot more for them too.

Did the non commercial mowers have the hydrostatic transmission back then too? Yes.

How about the cut, mulching, and bagging quality of these mowers, do they compare to say the hrx, hrx, or toro super recycler/bagger?
The cut very well and are like vacuums. And the bag gets full, not like others that will only half fill before they start clogging blade. Also, you can download the owners manual from that honda website above, just verify serial number/make/model.
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