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Reply to: Graveslawncare You guys do really nice work. You would never guess that you have a relatively small setup just judging from the quality of the work. I am looking into irrigation as well so I love seeing all the 'in-the-process' irrigation pics. Keep 'em coming!

What was crushing your irrigation pipe in the pic above?

In the first picture it was a good size root that was pushing the irrigation pipe. The pipe was actually almost pinched shut. There are a total of 6 sprinkler zones with that one we repaired being zone 5. Since we got this account we always wondered and attempted to see what was causing the low water pressure on zone 5. Well we found out Saturday what is was. After we repaired that line we we tested it and the repair was a success. But then we came across another problem. From us repairing that line it must of added water pressure and some where else a another part of that same line broke due to some more roots. In the second picture a root was pushing the pipe upwards causing it to break it. An expected job that we thought was going to take us about an hour and half ended up taking us 5 hours.
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