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Two months to green up 11 acres, suggestions please.

I have eleven acres that HAS to be perfect by June of this year. The soil is very sandy and stays dry.
I have plenty of water so that shouldn't be a problem.
I overseeded the existing bahaya mix with Bermuda grass seed. 22 bags on eleven acres. We has a couple of rainy days so we got lucky there, the watering system wont be ready for a few days(That's another future thread).
I fertilized with 10-10-10 on Friday, planted the seed the previous Tuesday.
Does anyone have any suggestions to make the process quicker? I have to have this area looking perfect by June, even if I have to paint it,LOL. Actually, is this possible, is there a spray on dye that wont hurt the grass. Yes I am desperate. I need this area as green and filled out as possable.
I was considering spreading black cow and or compost. I have some nice black composted soil. Would this be a good idea of is there something better?
Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
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