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Appreciate poositive feed back

Appreciate the quick possitive feed back. I spent all weekend working/researching on these carbs. You can tell of my times of posts/quotes , but one weird thing for me was the line trimmer that ran the best, was the one with huge build up in the exhaust port, the rest were no worth messing with. I have been cleaning, changing line, plugs, caps, filter, every thing could think of. I do run without the guard, and exhaust screen since day two. Now since the line is out past where the guard would be, technically it'll bog, so was told to set a little leaner. Tried adjusting by shop labor, in the guarge in the eves, after running, and mid day in the heat. Results are always the same. It just might be a heat thing in FL, all the guys around here have same problems. Now I work by myself, the tools should have plenty of time to cool down the trailer is open when doing other stuff, and have side force vents when going down the round. I'm puzzeled, I am stuck on these models they are warriors, i put the brush blade on and work WOT till they run out of gas, fill up and do it again. Soon as I put it up get to next service location there's the problem. Changed from side rack to hanging them, (carb design it souldn't matter) still no difference. If it was just one carb no biggie but all 5 there's something there. I have done some weird/crazy stuff, no matter what we did with a VW carb on a rail buggy it wouldn't run, I poured comet in there held it WOT until it was about to pop, then ran like a dream for a couple years then got sold. I'm just Puzzled. "Thank You Though" I've ben determined to find a solution.

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