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Originally Posted by jmt View Post
Where did you get that pickup ramp?
Do you like it?
Bought it off CL last year. Honestly, compared to a trailer, I HATED it. You have to leave your tailgate down, which I never liked, the equipment that you see in there is basically all that fit so I was limited as to what I could take with me, on my F-250 the angle of the ramp was REALLY steep and sometimes my belt drive struggled to climb it (I dont think I'd ever want to ride something up or down it) , and since the setup takes up the whole pickup bed, you're stuck not bagging which sometimes can be a huge problem. Oh and its also a real pain in the a$$ to take off and put back on, no way 1 person can do either. I guess an advantage would be that it cuts down on the length of your rig, but parking has never a problem for me so thats not even a usable advantage for me. Its still in my shop, I only paid $150 for it, and it sits up against a wall in the corner out of the way so I'm gonna hang onto it, never know when I might use it. But now that I have a trailer and a bigger operation, I'll never look back.!
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