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I talked to a local LCO friend this morning. Asked him if he ordered a T3000 (like he said he was going to do). Said he just got it. Pat told me it took him 5 or 6 days last year to get each app done, but he wants to grow the lawn application aspect of his business and be more productive. He will run the T3000 himself and he has 4 - 5 employees. They've mainly done mowing, snow removal, aeration, seeding, sodding/grading, and spring/fall cleanups in the past. He checked out our T's (and others) last fall and again this winter. I asked him why he needed a ride-on cuz he already had a small spray tank, a push spreader, and backpack sprayer. He said he could treat all his properties with a T, and he had extra money to spend cuz he made a killing over the winter doing snow & ice control. Pat is not a LS member, but I can give you his phone numbers if you'd like to speak with him (cuz it sounds like you are in the same situation). Just send me a "visitor's message".

Mixing fert & post? We use liquid fert + post in early fall in our spray trucks, but the ride-ons use dry fert + post......we prefer the "dry" slow release fert. We have just a handful of accounts where we apply just pre + post (liquid Dimension + whatever 3-way is needed) with our T3000's.

Hope I addressed your questions. Also hope others chime in. Best of luck, Larry
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