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Originally Posted by Tharrell View Post
See what I mean? This guy has either had a bad experience or more likely hasn't even used a CC. That's unfortunately the way it is on here.
Too many people commenting on items they know nothing about.
Sometimes it's a bigshot wanna be, sometimes it's a 14 year old kid, sometimes they're one in the same.
You have to be careful who you listen to.
I say demo them both for yourself.
lol wrong, i owned 2 of them. and still have a walk behind cub tank. in business 12 years and have owned almost every mower made. just cause you own 1 dont make it the best. they are not near the top compaired to scag, exmark, hustler, bobcat, than next i would put ferris, dixie, gravely, wright. and than yazoo and cub
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