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Originally Posted by One-AP TIM View Post
SeedPro, Youíre correct, Itís not about the efficacy. These products work if theyíre designed correctly for the growing zone where theyíre applied. Itís a question of value and marketing. Grassmanís company is a full maintenance lawn care company. His customers are not going to count how many times he fertilizes to judge the value of his service. They will take a glance every week after he finishes cutting to see how it looks. Is it stripped nice, walks edged, sidewalks blown off, weeds gone and does the lawn have good color. One AP offers the most continues color throughout the year. No more peaks and valleys. You may be a lawn care application company and if you are I understand the objection but we have a lot of LCOs using the One AP product in commercial applications helping them differentiate their business and capture some business they had trouble competing for in the past.
Like I said. It's a small niche deal at best. No better mousetrap.

When I see it at Home Depot I'll take notice.

I hope you make a ton of money in the mean time, but I am old school. Not one of these kids that buys every new lawn care tool and product like young girls buy the newest pretty cellphone.
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