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Patio over concrete

Well we have done several patios over the last few years, but never have we installed one over a 20 year old concrete pad.

I received a call for a patio job a couple days ago. I went and looked and the homeowner has a Belden brick patio already there, he tells me that the patio has been there for over 20 years. Some of the bricks are crumbling, but most look good, and the patio overall looks good. The outer edges are starting to sink but overall not too bad. Well I pull out one of the bricks and there is nothing but #57 gravel undreneith. Never heard of that before. (I have no idea what the crete is like underneith)

Well today I stop and ask what the supplier reccomends, and they tell me to glue the outside bricks and lay the rest rite on the concrete.

Now I have read many things on here, but never that. What would you guys do?

Thanks for any help. Andrew
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