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Originally Posted by MikeRi24 View Post
the old one that just blew up I wasn't too fond of. This one is pretty nice. Once you disable all of the safety features it is a lot more user friendly. Mostly I really like this Kawasaki v-twin engine. Its only a 13hp but it feels a lot more powerful than my old one which was a single cylinder 14 hp. Then again that motor had some serious issues. Honestly, Lescos arent really anythtng great to write home about, I like it, but depending on the price theres better out there. What are you looking at? size? engine? hours? age?
The one I am looking at I only plan on using for a few months until I can justify buying something newer or a new machine all together. I have the funds to buy a new mower right not its just that there are other thing I would rather spend 3 grand on. So If I did buy this mower it would be gone by atleast next season. All I know about it so far is its a Lesco 48 14hp and it might be around a 02-01 lesco not sure though. i will need to find out more info about it when i go see it again.
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