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Originally Posted by jeffslawnservice View Post
The one I am looking at I only plan on using for a few months until I can justify buying something newer or a new machine all together. I have the funds to buy a new mower right not its just that there are other thing I would rather spend 3 grand on. So If I did buy this mower it would be gone by atleast next season. All I know about it so far is its a Lesco 48 14hp and it might be around a 02-01 lesco not sure though. i will need to find out more info about it when i go see it again.
if its got that v-twin series Kawasaki on it I'd say go for it. So far I'm really impressed with that engine. If its the older single cylinder 14 hp (FC420V) I'd maybe pass. Then again, maybe I'm just a little trigger shy about that motor now after my bad experience with one.
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