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Just one data point here but my M48 Tank has been a mess since it had 0.1 on the hr gauge.
Most all of the issues have been tied to the 23hp Kawi engine however the Hydro pump failing at 45 hrs was ridiculous.
Some of the issues to date:
23 hp Kawi likes to spit flames/fire out the muffler, die and fail to restart. It only did it twice in 45 hrs and couldnt be replicated. I sometimes had a flame continue a good 10+ seconds after turning it off, scorching the gas tank! (I didnt see it the 2nd time until a neighbor ran over to tell me my tractor was on fire!) The scorch marks on the bottom of the gas tank and blackend muffler were enough to convince 2nd dealer there was an issue that resulted in a few calls to Cub Care to resolve.

1st dealer performed leak down test indicating there was an issue and replaced all the gaskets on the carbs. Within 15 hrs or so flames returned.
After several tries, a 2nd Cub dealer replaced the carbs, gas tanks, and fuel pump (and some other related items at Cub Care's direction). No issues in last 3 mowings <fingers crossed>
Also had to have the left hydro pump replaced as it was bad.
Belt broke 3 times in less than 5 hrs (1st dealer accidentally removed a washer when reinstalling the deck after the first service and dint realize it until refrencing a model on the floor)

So, with 51 hrs on her she has operated the last 3-5 without incident. Hopefully it will stay that way.

Only other issue that pissed me off was reception by local dealer here who put me on the bottom of every wait list because I didnt get it locally. Well, I didnt live here when I bought it. We moved shortly afterwards and damn, that pissed me off. Hell, I brought it in there for all it's maintenance and that's where many dealers count on making money anyway.

The good news is that it's operated without issue this year and I have identified a competent dealer to service it and buy parts from. I Know there are guys out there who have had good luck with these Cubs. In fact, several services around here have gone to all Tanks. I'd like to think I just went through a stretch of bad luck.

On a side note, the 23hp Kawi is a little overwhelmed in the M48. Wish it had the 25 hp Kawi or even the 27hp Kohler.
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