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Originally Posted by SeedPro View Post
I have seen a couple thousand spec sheets for commercial sites and none said anything about 'visits" They were all very specific in the number of fertilization and weed control "applications" they wanted.

I'm not saying the product won't do what it says although you all think 100% slow release fertilizer is new. It's not. But I get the distinct impression people are claiming they are treating the lawn with fertilizer at these visits.....or at least the client is under that impression which isn't the case.

You may tell them may a few others but I believe some people are playing shenanigans with a written contract here.

Or will attempt too.

I suggest you all bill them one time for fertilization, then bill them each time you go for a "visit" and see what happens.

I can tell theres shenanigans because everyone wants us to believe that the clients are all totally in agreement with this process, and knowing humans.....theres no way there wouldn't be objectors or people not interested in this kind of radical change to their way of thinking.

Again.....I ask. What the hell is a Sifi?
SeedPro SiFi is short for "Spread it & Forget it" Look at the banner at the top of the forum and "click" or go to A lot of your questions can be answered. Let me know if you want to try and I'll have our Michigan Distributor contact you. You can also contact them through the SiFi website.
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