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I don't have a lot of faith in dealers like I did when I first started. I'm sure a lot of you may be the same way. The mechanics they hire are sometimes questionable and it truly is hard to make a living in a mower shop working on cheap throw away equipment most of the time. That said, you should be assurred that your equipment is fixed as it should be.
Motorcycle shops are about the same. Some of these shops actually farm out work. Then what do you get?
I know that Cub Commercial is built with the same name brand, quality components as all the others. It's actually overbuilt in my opinion.
The hydro pumps and wheel motors are top notch. Kawasaki makes a great engine, most people will agree. I think maybe you got a lemon or it was setup and serviced incorrectly. Don't want to piss you off further so I'll tell you one of my horror stories.
My only issue is the rear brakes. They are mechanical drum brakes. Mine apparently froze and I didn't have time to work on them myself so I took it into the shop with a very detailed written list of things in addition to the brakes.
Long story short, my list was apparently not detailed enough because it was all goofed up.
I tried to pick it up 3 times and the mower wouldn't sit still on my trailer. They took it back every time and tightned the brake.
Well' they broke the link from the brake handle!
It took 2 weeks to get that damn part and then I had to pay for it and the labor.
Yeah it's coming back to me now and I'm pissed again, thanks!
Anyway, it pays to work on your own equipment if you can or find a mechanic that you can befriend and call your own.
Remembering all my departed friends.

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Well, I hope everyone is happy now.

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