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Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
no shenanigans here, i have not even used this as anything but a non trial. so dont accuse me ok, not tolerated from me. i just dont think anyone cares, and if they do so be it. i dont have an issue telling them, but i dont feel i have to go all out and say listenup everytbody, this year you are only getting one fertilizer, any questions?

i tell folks what they want to know when they ask, most dont ask a thing either and i have changed my program more than once with little to no qualms from anyone. and some accounts i have eliminated a fert app(believe me it grows very well) and they never said a thing, just concentrated on weeds and insects that round. that is not a bad thing and they see what i have done or not on the statement of service sheet they get on the door after i am done.

i am not sure i feel the need to continue to argue this point anymore so back to my original thread ideas, anyone who is interested in this product can look here to see or and hear the results. i will take more pics next week to show any progress betweent he control and test lawn areas
Well I don't know what kind of clients you service but if they are paying for something they aren't getting then that's not cool in my book and it's probably an actionable crime.

Nuff said.

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