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Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
you just are a hard baller arent you. what about the fact that my product cost is actually higher as i chose to do something different on the lawn and nix the fert and still charge the same price, dont you think they are getting their money worth?

these same lawns are ridden with nutsedge and third or fourth round they dont need any more fert by a long shot so i blanket spray for nutsedge which costs more than fert and touch up weeds. seriously, do you have any ability to see things in other ways but your own? it is in no way like i am ripping off anyone, and yet somehow you think so. in fact, at least most of these cutomers i have told them what i have done in conversation and they thanked me, so how would that be?
It's not about your product cost or how many weeds they have.

I'm just saying that if they think they are getting five rounds of fert and you only do four, or two, or one...they are not getting what they signed up for.

Im just going off what you said earlier that you have done less applications than they signed on for and that you dont think you need to tell them when they are gonna get one treatment instead of four or five.

At TGCL they called that Ghosting.

It has nothing to do with the performance of this stuff you want to use. It has everything to do with what the client ordered and pays for.

Honestly I can't believe you typed that you change the application numbers called for in the contract without telling the client and that you ghost applications and that you don't think you have to tell them when they are gonna get one instead of five apps of fert.

That's just crazy talk.

Do what you want GM but don't blame me......they were your words.

Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
no shenanigans here, but i dont feel i have to go all out and say listenup everytbody, this year you are only getting one fertilizer, any questions?

i tell folks what they want to know when they ask, most dont ask and i have changed my program more than once with little to no qualms from anyone. and some accounts i have eliminated a fert app(believe me it grows very well) and they never said a thing,

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