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Originally Posted by FLAhaulboy View Post
"Professional Squirrel hunter"

I love to hunt the local squirrels full time with my Gamo (1,200 ft per sec) air gun with a scope. I'd like to be paid a few bucks per squirrel, being able to walk around the town blowing these rats out of the trees! Have an "official permit" allowing me to enter people's property w/o asking permission. Maybe a "siren" for the truck (?) ha ha.

Laugh if you want but squirrels do MILLIONS of dollars worth of damage in Florida yearly.
Funny you say that, I've had 2 customers this spring s far ask me if I knew a pest control guy cause they got squrrels in the attic/basement.

Anyway I'm only 20 so I guess I could change fields relatively easy, if I were ever to do so I'd go to the NYPD academy, I wanted to be either an ESU cop or an anti-crime cop after I had enough time on the job. I love what I'm doing now though and I doubt I'd ever be able to leave it, I've been doing it since I was a kid and I still love it as much today as I did as a little kid
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