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Originally Posted by Plan-It Graphics View Post
I didn't take the time to read all 9 pages, however...

I know that it is 100% frowned upon on this site to do that sort of "flyer" distribution. I personally could care less what anyone else thinks if it got me customers, I would do it, I just wouldn't post on here a question asking an opinion.

So with a all that said... I had a customer who purchased postcards, he put 5000 in a bag with a rock. He told me he was going to toss them on driveways. He asked my opinion... AND I QUOTE... I said, "Sounds fine with me, just don't tell anyone on lawnsite you did that!" haha!

It's not that often I hear much back from customers, usually they get their stuff move on, order the following year etc. This customer emailed me specifically to say, "The ziplock bag and rock worked AMAZING! Phone was ringing off the hook. Those guys on lawnsite don't know what their missing!"

Now I am in agreement that it doesn't look that professional, but if you get customers from it really who cares. The customer that complains about a bag on the driveway... Do you really want a that picky of a customer any way?

So if my customer is any indication... we should all be doing this!!


Bob, I would be more interested in seeing a sample of the postcard you sold him for my next year order with you. I think my last two orders with you i may have made them a little too elaborate to target my right audience. Always interested in seeing other ideas that are working for other LCO's.
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