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Florida Hardiness Zones

Originally Posted by rob7233 View Post
Central Florida 9b

I liked how you put the plant hardiness zone in your title and location. How many of you have looked at how these zones run through Florida?

Here are some links and maps of them in Florida.

Keep in mind that "Plant Hardiness Zones are only a general guide. Many other factors influence whether a plant will survive in your garden or not. You must also consider: Soil types, rainfall, daytime temperatures, day length, wind, humidity and heat. Within your own yard, block and county, there are microclimates that affect how plants grow. One part of your yard may be hotter, colder, wetter, dryer, shadier or sunnier than another and certain plants may do better in one spot than another because of this. The zones are a good beginning, but you still need to determine for yourself what will and won't work in your garden."


Official USDA Website for Plant Hardiness Zones

Another Guide to the Zones in Florida

Theories on how the Hardiness Zones are changing in Florida

Wikipedia Page on Hardiness Zones

Other Information about Hardiness Zones

Here are some maps of the zones in Florida:
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