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Reconstruction of Pond: Bottom drain or no?

Okay, so four years ago I installed a pond. Now I had to rip the liner out as it became brittle and fell apart and cracks occured. So I am replacing it with a better quality EPDM liner. Now here is the issue: I've never installed a bottom drain and our local pond expert says, "No way as it's a hole in the bottom!", however I see the folks that use them online and they're ponds look so much simpler to keep up with.

So here is the question: Would you recommend a bottom drain? If so, can you give me a picture or a general idea of layout? I was curious if I were to install one into the liner, how does one do the piping to the filter or settling chamber as I've heard it called? Do you drill a hole in the soil to get to this chamber or do you attach it next door to the pond? I'd love to see layouts of folks' current setups.

I'M A SIMPLE PERSON. I don't want an overly complex filtration layout. It's not a koi pond, but a water garden with perhaps one or two koi in it. My layout is rather basic. It's a 10' x 6' x 3' deep curvy pond with a small waterfall to help with circulation.

Thanks for any help!


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