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Originally posted by whitleys
Well Brucy, my senior member friend, How would you have handled the event?
My comment was in reference to a 14 acre property with lots of woods that another member here handled. He was trying to make a point that it was damaged by mulching. However, this guy weighed in with comments that mulching is unprofessional and that's total BS, first of all. Then he makes a comment that dumping clippings and leaves on a clients property is grounds for being instantly fired. Again, total BS. Apparently he's never heard of composting and prefers to fill landfills with tons of clippings and leaves. And I know of very few customers willing to PAY for the costs of bagging and hauling off leaves. They're not all millionaires, you know. Just how many people out there in America can afford to have 14 ACRES bagged and hauled off on a regular basis? Maybe this guy lives in a land of nothing but pristine tree-free lots, but around here, everybody dumps their leaves in a compost pile on site usually because there is no legal place to dump them short of buying a lot and dumping them there. Doesn't make the mowing guy a scrub, as this "professional" claims.

But back to my point. He's calling many of us here scrubs because we use technology to save time and customers money , yet he's got low-lifes working for him that go pee in other peoples' lawns. Apparently it ticks him off that not everybody wants to pay the $5,000 a year he wants to handle their lawns. Yet another lawnsite member who can't handle honest, above board competition. I'm guessing he's never owned an Exmark mulching deck. Cuz it works. I did it for the first time this season and got ZERO questions or complaints. Nobody could tell the difference. I suppose I could go buy a $50,000 dump truck and $5,000 vac system to handle bagged leaves so I too could be a "professional" like him, even though nobody even cares.
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