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Jim's right. You are out of line here. IMO, Jim is one of the most professional guys we have on this site. And just because he had an employee who made a stupid mistake doesn't make him any less professional. You may disagree with his stance on mulching. And that's fine. But respond to it in THAT thread, not this one. To bring it up here, almost 6 months later, is just uncalled for.

Jim works in a very different area than many of the rest of us and what is unprofessional to him in yuppy richville, might be perfectly acceptable in your neck of the woods. So you may both be right, from your own perspectives.

But to attack him and call him unprofessional just isn't cool. If there were more like him Lawnsite would be a much better place. He is a credit to this site and has helped more people over the years than almost anyone else I can think of. And he deserves our respect.
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