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I owned a Dixie Chopper for about 8 months, just sold it about a month ago actually. It was a 2009 Classic 3360HP.

Pros....The mower was fast and could cut fast, still left a pretty good cut too. I very rarely had clumps and the clippings were usually well spread out. The ride on mine was actually pretty nice, but mostly thanks to the springer forks and suspension seat. Things were pretty easy to access as far as servicability, some spots were a little tight but for the most part everything was easy to get to. The fans that are mounted on top of the side pulleys on the deck are very helpful to keep the deck cleaner. Overall, everything is very solidly built and built like it is built to last. Though I never used the warranty, they do have one of the better warranties out there.

Cons....The mower has very little trim edge on the deck which was somewhat a pain when I wanted to get close to some things, and for the mower being a 60", it has less of a trim edge than my new 54" mower. The mower sits up higher making it a little less stable on hills. I thought it did well going sideways on hills since the mower is so wide...but going up hills is a little nerve wracking since it is a very short mower in length. The mowers are very jerky without the dampeners, but that would have to be something you would get used to. The amount of blade choices (x-blades, magic mulchers, double blades) is great, allows you to have really adjust to almost any mowing condition. I also didn't particularly care for the placement of the height indicator, it was right were I wanted to put my foot and I had the electric deck lift so there was no foot lift.

I was very undecided about the rear tires (the bar type tires). For the most part they didn't do any lawn damage but on some lawns that were a little thinner, they did a little more damage than a regular tire.

After owning the mower I would give it a 7 or 7.5 out of 10 rating. It was a good mower but could definately use some improvements.
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