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Originally Posted by wimpy View Post
All Echo's are commercial grade. That made me laugh. The pB-251 is junk. Open it up sometime and tell me that is quality. Looking at a label that states emissions compliance doesn't tell the quality of the unit. That's a ridiculous statement. BG 55 is better built, produces more power at a lower weight and a lower price. The pb251 is just rated quieter, whether it actually is, I couldn't tell. It's a POS Home Depot special. ECHO is sacrificing quality to meet Home Depot's price demands.

People need to be aware that ECHO's 5 year warranty is for CONSUMERS only. If you are a professional, then you will get 2 years. Also be aware that long extended warranties are marketing gimmicks. If a unit is truly defective, it won't take 5 years to show up.
Hmm...the same 2 year commercial warranty as Stihl...tell me it isn't so? Here I thought they were in a league of their own.

No doubt that Echo makes a good product, as does Redmax, Shin, or Kawi, but basing the quality on the emissions compliance is ignorant. I am sure some Poulan junk has the same compliance numbers as a Stihl, Echo or any other handheld...its easy to stay in compliance when the unit doesn't run long enough to use it.

I have never changed the spark plug in my BG85 in the almost 6 years I have owned it...probably why it takes 2-3 pulls to start it, in fact I have not done anything to it except put gas in it.

Oh, and good luck getting Home Depot to repair a defective Echo in 5 years, consumer or commercial. There is a reason Stihl or other brands are not sold at a big box store.
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