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Wimpy wants to talk about warranties? Why does Stihl have a 1 year consumer and a 90 day commercial on all their chain saws? ECHO has a 5 year consumer and 1 year commercial warranty on their chain saws. ECHO will warranty a chain saw to a commercial cutter for the same time frame that Stihl warranties for a homeowner. Hmmm ... what does that tell you?

The PB-251 is a Home Depot special? Then why is it also sold at independent dealers? By the way, the independent dealer will amost always be selling it for the same price, $169. This is a great unit, getting a Category A (300 hour) rating from the EPA. Your beloved BG55 is Category C (50 hours). Wimpy doesn't like the facts, that is why Wimpy admits the PB-251 gets a quieter rating, but then goes on to say he doesn't believe it.

I have to laugh when Wimpy talks about the PB-251 and ten says "open it up sometime". Oh sure, I bet he did that. LOL! Wimpy just can't accept the fact that all the ECHO is commercial grade because all he owns is Stihl. I will give Wimpy credit on one account: It appears all he has purchased is the "Professional" Stihl.
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