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Oh OK, and where do you get your information that ECHO's sales are down Mr. Expert? The fact is that all ECHO is commercial grade as defined by the EPA. You don't have to believe me, you can go to any independent ECHO dealer or any Home Depot and look at the label on any piece of ECHO equipment and you will see: "Emissions Compiance Period: 300 Hours".

All Stihl is not commercial grade as defined by the EPA and as defined by Stihl. That is why Stihl puts "homeowner" on the bottom of their hang tags on all their Category C (50 hour) equipment. Even Stihl admits it, why can't you?

CGAENGINEER, you need to do your research before you start making claims of, "All ECHO is not commercial", or "ECHO's sales are down", or that I am "talking down something that I know nothing about".
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