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Pulling Out My Hair

OK professionals......... I need some professional advice on 2 issues. Here's my intro. My wife and I both work full time jobs during the day. In the evenings we go out and cut two to three lawns a day (for a lil extra cash). Last year we were cutting 25-30 yards. (issue #1) I'm having a hard time getting my customers to commit to a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. This lack of commitment is driving me nuts trying to schedule yards without driving all over kingdom come to mow lawns. Even the one's that do commit want to change there days around causing even more headaches. (issue #2) Along the same lines of commitment I have several customers that own there own mower but from time to time want to call me to mow there lawns. Although these lawns pay just like the regular ones.... should i drop these customers so i don't have to deal with the scheduling headaches. Does anyone else have these problems?
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