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Originally Posted by CkLandscapingOrlando View Post
Mike what your talking about is a co-op. For anyone who doubts the reality of such a group it really is common. Look at the Nursery trades. Roots plus growers, fnat, citrus co-op, cattlemens assotiation. All these groups come together as one group throught the state. They but as a group and get discounts that only the big comps could normaly get. It would be nice to buy a single bag of fert for the price that tru green pays. Same with insurance. If you had 1000 members to a trade group you have a bit more weight. You have more say in legislation. if governed correct were as to only allow top notch members could really be a selling point
Exactly Chuck,

I mean just us guys here in Central Florida that post on here - no matter how small anyone is - you put (I think it was 28 votes on Central Florida) of us together and we go down to Howards fertilizer and demand fertilizer at X price. Wow the saving could be huge. Same holds true on many of the issues you mentioned. We might not get True Green prices - but a couple dollars here and there sure adds up fast.
Especially on Equipment. Fleet pricing is SOOOO much better from what the few dealers I deal with have quoted me. Throw in Plant price discounts above and beyond the generic landscaper discount. Gas - just like the cities have a agreement with chain gas stations - we could possibly get discount at one chain. Insurance like CK stated - correct Drew?? Advertising materials. Ad space etc etc etc etc... I really think the possiblities are endless. Not sure about right now as everything is in full swing but sometime soon.
So again - I ask is anyone here interested in pursuing this?
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