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Hydro leak on WB after a couple hours??

So I got my mower a bit over a year ago but my yard seeding bombed big time and never got to use my new 40" Toro WB w/ floating deck and pistol grips last season. I used it for the first time two weeks ago and again this week, I've got all of about 4 hours on it.

Tonight I noticed what appears to be some hydro fluid around the right wheel motor. It also appears as if the battery leaked a little acid that has turned some fittings white. I noticed the lower battery acid (about 1" low) last year and am about to top it up with some distilled water. I'm much more concerned with the hydro fluid on the hydro lines and on the body in a couple spots. The hydro fluid reservoir is ever so slightly below the "cool" line and the mower is totally cool.

Should I just top up the battery with water, top up the hydro fluid with Mobil 1, clean the area well and watch for leaks. Should I worry about the acid damaging the bolts?

Here's a picture, you can see the white residue from the acid and the hydro fluid on the hoses and body.

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