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Originally Posted by Lazer Cut View Post
Hey delong, grandtstand is great!. Strping kit was $400 about w/ my discount... I can't wait to add customers this year.. hopefully more... I've added 5 commercial and about 4 resis that's it... I am going to pass out more flyers as I have discovered a new neighborhood I never knew was right in front of one of my commercials... lots are 1/3 acre and 1 acre... looks like people showing money in their cares etc. So I figure they'd like a ba lawn to go w/ it
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DANG, thats a lot of money, mine was 130 dollars of off ebay and it came next day. Maybe your's is better quality. I guess mine gets the job done, idk how long it will last.

I wish i had more commercials i just dont know how to get them. I have a neighborhood like that too, all BMW's and BenZ and they all want weekly bed edging too which is huge bucks compaired to mowing.I can edge a 100 foot bed in 5 minutes and its 30 dollars more a week.

How do you get commercials?

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