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Originally Posted by Lazer Cut View Post
Honestly... I cold called and asked who was in charge of the landscaping part, ended up getting a place w/ 5 day care centers, so that's a big chunk then two other day care centers heard and I mow for them too... I beat out trgear, brickman and natoprs and my bid was $1500 higher than trgear and like $700 higher than brickman!

They wanted small company w/ high quality taste and a good customer service. sold myself as best I could and landed the contract. $18k a year... not to bad I don't think. $18k is for only 5 centers I believe its right at $22k for all 7
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WOW, thats crazy i didnt realize commercials have so much money in them. What would you charge a commercial property with one acre per week? or month?

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