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Originally Posted by dishboy View Post
No , but I see no reason to let my hard work, testing, research, and nearly thirty years of observation go out there on the internet when I have a machine that cuts better than any midsize machine on the market., and at short cut heights ! I have started picking up jobs because of this machine.
So, do you mow in the dark of night, or with camo cladding on the machine ie Detroit when testing mules?? I can understand your position, but this is a community of fellow lawnsmen, you can be a bit more civil when communicating your position. When your product gets licensed to a manufacturer and is advertisied then we will see it and produce 'very close facsimiles' of it for personal use as not to profit but to have the greatest invention since the lawnmower itself and we'll think of you every time and while we're enjoying a cold one for having better-cut lawns in less time!
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